February already? How the days fly.

2/2 Tuesday – Philosophical Happy Hour (5:30-7:00pm ET). Grab a drink and have a chat about things that really matter! Always open to suggested topics: any questions you may have, feel free to bring them. Open to the public. Use the “Send Us a Message” form here (write “happy hour” in the message box) and we’ll see you on Teams!

2/5 Friday – Open Chat (9:30-10:15am ET). Our regular Friday-morning open chat, allowing conversation between those in the West and those in the East–part of the truly international nature of the Lyceum Institute. A good way to bring the thinking of one week to a close and launch into the next.

2/6 Saturday – Latin Class (10-11am ET). Week three already! We continue progressing through Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana and learn to think in Latin. We’ll be having full conversations before long.

2/6 Saturday – Seminar Discussion Sessions. Already reaching the halfway point of our 2021 Winter Seminars–how fast it flies! At 1:15-2:15pm ET, Metaphysics: The Discovery of Ens inquantum Ens will take a deep look at the modes of procession in science, and specifically the “mode of intellect” as pertaining to metaphysics. Afterwards, at 3:00-4:00pm ET, Ethics: The Good Life seeks to understand the role of intellectual vision as it redounds to all the aspects of our lives in constituting our happiness.

2/7 Sunday – Open Chat Asia (4:00-5:30am ET/5:00-6:30pm GMT+8). Technically this is next week–but one of our members hosts an open chat for those on the other side of the world. A great opportunity for those living in far-removed parts of the world to meet some members and chat. Open to the public. Use the “Send Us a Message” form here (write “Open Chat Asia” in the message box) and we’ll see you on Teams!

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