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The Lyceum Institute program offers a variety of opportunities for enrolled members to participate: the central focus being the core and community which brings us together in common discussion, including the Quaestiones Disputatae, which encourages members to form and research questions of philosophical interest with communal help–and critical feedback. Trivium study focuses our minds on the thoughtful investigation and use of language in its grammatical, logical, and rhetorical dimensions. Foreign language study groups—beginning with Latin but hoped to expand soon to ancient Greek, French, and German—allow us to study important languages with the assistance of day-to-day group accountability.

Additionally, all members are encouraged to participate in colloquia and symposia, which invite academics and intellectuals from both outside and inside the Lyceum Institute to present on topics to which they bring great insight in a pre-recorded lecture and subsequent live question and answer session. The Lecture and Resource archives are also open to all enrolled in the program.

Seminars are available for a reduced fee—with some included in Advanced (3) and Premium (8) enrollments—and offered four times a year. As we grow in the coming years, new offerings will be gradually and organically added as they are revealed to be fitting and the time to be opportune.

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