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Every corporation today faces challenges of recruitment, retention, and employee engagement. High rates of turnover, the “great resignation”, and “quiet quitting”, and fostering good management are affecting nearly every industry. How can you address these problems? Your company did not create them—but it can solve them. In wise words a professor I know often says to his students, “It’s not your fault; but it is your problem.”

Critical Aptitude

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Your best employees possess not only technical skills and proficiencies, but a myriad of other and more difficult to quantify attributes: communication, planning, reasoning, and ethical thinking. These attributes, which we call Critical Aptitude, cannot be trained, but must be learned. Today, the environment for this learning, which is not merely a training in the deconstructive trait of so-called “critical thinking” but a positive and building education, has not been available outside of select colleges—and even there, the environment has been deteriorating.

Enter the Lyceum Institute. As a fully-digital institution, we provide a flexible approach to providing all our members an environment in which they may learn critical aptitude. With the evolving situation of work—no longer centered geographically in offices, but increasingly remote; and no longer 9-5, but increasingly with hours logged “as needed”—a new dimension for the use of time has opened. Many businesses today not only allow but also encourage employees to develop their skills, to increase their professional proficiencies, and provide opportunities for them to do so: but do we give them the means to better their critical aptitude?

Investment in your employees’ critical aptitude transforms them into dynamic assets: not merely skilled contributors to your company’s productions or services, but to your company itself, resulting in a mutually-enriching corporate culture.

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Human Learning

The core of our approach centers around the meaning of being human—including how one’s employment fits into our lives—which requires a certain commitment from enrollees and companies alike: a commitment to striving for excellence in all things and to ending the fragmentation of the modern human experience. It is often today a complaint of employees that they feel dehumanized by the structures of their employment (and perhaps especially in the context of remote work). Among the intents of our program is to help employers, managers, and employees alike navigate these challenges and to emerge with more thoughtful practices of humanizing our working environments.

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