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Brian Kemple, PhD

My name is Brian Kemple and I hold a PhD in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas, in Houston TX.  I have written two scholarly books (one on Thomas Aquinas and another on Charles Sanders Peirce and Martin Heidegger), two public-oriented books (an Introduction to Philosophical Principles and Linguistic Signification: A Classical and Semiotic Course in Grammar & Composition), a number of scholarly articles and a few public-oriented ones, as well.

After spending a few years on the academic job market, I began to see the structure of academia as inhibiting rather than enabling philosophical thinking, both for professors and for students.  The thoughts of Aquinas and Peirce are equally rejected by mainstream academia, and opportunities outside the mainstream are few and far between (becoming fewer and farther by the day).  I realized I had a choice: I could continue striving for a job in a broken system, or I could do something different—risky, but possibly better not only for myself but for those I teach.

In addition to being the Executive Director of the Lyceum Institute, I am the Executive Editor of Reality: a Journal for Philosophical Discourse, which similarly operates in contrast to the standard practices of academia. I also offer private consulting and analysis service, Continuum Philosophical Insight.

A list of my publications, including the free PDF of the Introduction to Philosophical Principles, can be found here.

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