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A glimpse into our community life.

Participation in every dimension of the Lyceum Institute is voluntary and conducted at the pace of the individual. This includes the everyday conversations conducted through open chats, common-channel threads, access to and discussion of resources, and listening to lectures. Engaging in these conversations encourages the development of better intellectual habits by grounding them in a real human community. We are geographically far-flung (while most members are located throughout the United States, others can and do participate from all over the world), but we are united in our love of and desire for truth.

Our conversations form a frequent occasion for new discoveries—ranging from the politically-contemporary to the structure of ancient regimes, from the compatibility of Confucian and Aristotelian metaphysics to the benefits of team sports, the images of the James Webb telescope to 17th century Iberian discussions of the sign, and so much more—keeping us always curious, patient, willing to listen, eager to question, and, most of all, humble before the truth.


Among our communal programs are Institute-wide colloquia. These colloquia, comprising a pre-recorded lecture and a live question and answer session, invite respected academics and intellectuals (both from within our faculty and without) to challenge our thinking through their own hard-earned expertise, reflections, and insights. We try to schedule as many per year as we can, depending upon availability and interest.


In addition to our philosophical focus through seminars, colloquia, and the study of language—both the Trivium and our other language studies—we occasionally share with one another works of art for discussion. These comprise literary works, paintings, sketches, photography, sculpture, music, and anything appreciated for the signs of meaning suffused intrinsically through the…

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