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Can we—as individuals, as a society, as a civilization—function in the absence of truth?  We may carry on for a time, for as long as we remain in common sentiment: but without common beliefs in what is true, we will soon lose any common beliefs in what is good, as we see everywhere around ourselves today.

While our universities largely abandon the truth, the good faculty who still believe in teaching it are left to fight uphill battles, badly outnumbered and underequipped.  But even the greatest teacher cannot a lifelong habit of seeking the truth in four years—not today, not amidst a culture that is “post-truth”.

Against this bleak backdrop comes the Lyceum Institute: a digital forum where learning does not culminate in receiving a degree after two, or four, or more years, but becomes a habit of life, where members may remain in the truth by remaining in the constant, loving pursuit of knowing it better.   We are guided in this pursuit by handpicked Faculty Fellows—experienced guides in the landscape of truth—who to build in us the habits of thoughtful reflection and learning.

If you believe in the Mission and Vision of the Lyceum Institute—to bring accessible but serious philosophy, the liberal arts, and a real education that forms habits of good thinking outside the university, available to everyone, all the time, at an affordable cost—know that your donation supports a new age of real learning. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity with tax exempt status; all donations are tax deductible.

Tax ID: 87-2691864

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