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The Problem of Christian Philosophy

The colloquium lecture delivered in May 2022 by James Capehart, PhD, “The Problem of Christian Philosophy” is now available to the public. You can listen or download below (full lecture at the bottom). If you enjoy the lecture, please consider supporting our Summer fundraising campaign! Your donations allow us to support the work of philosophers like Dr. Capehart.

The Problem of Christian Philosophy

Dr. James Capehart

The Problem of Christian Philosophy – Preview

How in fact is Christian philosophy a problem? The wording itself has proven to be the most problematic. Can there be a philosophy that is truly Christian? Does “Christian” specifically differentiate “philosophy”? Does that turn it into a theology? Given the existence of numerous volumes of Christian works of theology, can we say that any of their contents should be called philosophical? Is any of that content unique to Christian thinkers?

Here, Dr. Capehart explores not only an important tradition but an essential question for all Christians and philosophers alike: the relationship between the study of revelation and the truths contained therein and the role of natural reason in discerning and discovering meaning.

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