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Announcing: Greek 2024

Aeschylus and Aristophanes, Plato and Aristotle, Xenophon and Thucydides: it is one thing to know their texts. It is another to read them in the language their authors used. The roots of Western culture sprung up in Ancient Greece. If we are to be successful cultivators of future growth ourselves, we ought to attend to these roots.

Thus it is with great pleasure and anticipation that we are officially announcing our Greek program, beginning in the Summer of 2024. This program, at the basis of which are three Foundations courses, will focus on the study, reading, and translation of Attic Greek of the Classical period, and will prepare students for reading Koine as well (the Greek of the New Testament).

You can learn more about our Greek program here, including a survey of the syllabi for the first two courses.

We are very excited to add these courses to the repertoire of our Language program. Greek study is open to all enrolled members of the Lyceum Institute at no additional charge. Additionally, successful applicants to the Columbanus Fellowship will be able to join and fully participate in these courses (among many others) at no cost.