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Events this week at the Lyceum:

11/3 Tuesday – Philosophical Happy Hour. Escape the election hysteria, grab a drink, and have a chat about the eternal things! Open to the public. Use the “Send Us a Message” form here (write “happy hour” in the message box) and we’ll see you on Teams!

11/4 Wednesday – Latin “Alpha” Class. After our successful “pilot” class, we’re running two more fine-tuning tests to prepare! These classes are suitable for a wide range of students. Studied a little? Great. Studied a lot? Also great. Never touched it, but curious? This is still for you! We’ll be tackling Capitulum VI ex Lingua Latina per se Illustrata.

11/6 Friday – Colloquium: How To Be a Contemporary Thomist – The Case of Marshall McLuhan. In the fifth of the Lyceum Institute Colloquia, we present our own Adam Pugen, PhD, who brings us a discussion of Marshall McLuhan–who, despite his popularity as a “media guru”, was more fundamentally and consciously a Thomist–a discussion ranging through the influences of Chesterton, New Criticism, Jacques Maritain, analogy and metaphor, the Trivium (especially the deepening and expansion of grammar), and all this aimed at the meaning of what it is to truly be a Thomist in our own times. Not merely incidental but integral to true contemporary Thomism is the wrestling with our techno-media environments–and conversely, to understand in depth McLuhan’s own “medium is the message”, we must understand the Thomistic roots of his thinking.

11/7 Saturday – Seminar Discussion Sessions. Moving into week four (already?) of our 2020 Fall seminars, “Thomistic Psychology: Cognitive Life”, where we will be considering the operations of intellectual discovery, and “Semiotics: Thought and Contributions of John Deely”, wherein we’ll see some of the semiotic revisions to Thomistic cognition theory. Both seminars are going well, with good participation and insights coming almost too quickly to process. It will be very interesting to look back on the seminars after they’ve concluded and see what develops out of the efforts put forth by everyone.

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