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3/15 Tuesday – Philosophical Open Chat (5:30-7:00pm ET). Join us for conversation, lively debates, and get to know each other!  Open to the public: use the “Send Us a Message” form here (write “Open Chat” in the message box) and we’ll you on Teams!

3/19 Friday – Open Chat (9:30-10:15am ET). Our regular Friday-morning open chat, allowing conversation between those in the West and those in the East–part of the truly international nature of the Lyceum Institute.  A good way to bring the thinking of one week to a close and launch into the next.

3/20 Saturday – Latin Class (10-11am ET).  Continuing our “new look” Latin class with more focus on grammar and translation.  This week we’ll be concentrating on identifying the first three declension endings and the first conjugation active indicative.

3/20 Saturday – Semiotics: The Tractatus de Signis of John Poinsot [First Session](1-2pm ET).  Spring seminar discussion sessions start this week!  In the first week of the Poinsot seminar, we’ll be taking on a brief history of semiotics and seeing how Poinsot fits in, both historically and doctrinally–the latter by grounding ourselves in some of the key definitions and distinctions he exposes in the Tractatus de Signis. Still time to sign up!

3/20 Saturday – Politics: Postmodern Culture and Principles (3-4pm ET).  Professor Plaza opens his seminar with a consideration of the foundations of political science, drawing on Aristotelian and Thomistic roots and examining what “political science” really means–or ought to mean. Sign up before it’s too late!

3/20 Saturday – Semiotics: The Tractatus de Signis of John Poinsot [Second Session](8:30-9:30pm ET).  A second discussion session for the Poinsot seminar, held to accommodate more schedules and time zones.

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