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Events this week at the Lyceum:

11/10 Tuesday – Philosophical Happy Hour (5:30-7:00pm ET). Grab a drink and have a chat about the eternal things! Always open to suggested topics: any questions you may have, feel free to bring them. Not always open to the public, but it is this week. Use the “Send Us a Message” form here (write “happy hour” in the message box) and we’ll see you on Teams!

11/11 Wednesday – Inquirere Session (5:30-7:00pm ET). Part of our Quaestiones Disputatae program, the Inquirere sessions allow participants to talk through their ideas and receive feedback from all members (including Dr. Kemple), such as suggestions on what to read, how to go about structuring their thoughts, possible objections, and next steps in proceeding forward.

11/13 Friday – Inquirere Session (9:30-11:00am ET). A second Inquirere session of the week.

11/14 Saturday – Seminar Discussion Sessions. Moving into week five of our 2020 Fall seminars, “Thomistic Psychology: Cognitive Life”, where we will continue considering the operations of intellectual discovery–specifically this week in their discursivity–and “Semiotics: Thought and Contributions of John Deely”, which sees us tackling the difficult notion of relation’s ontological reality and its consequences for the intentional orientation of the human mind.

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