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Since 2021, the Lyceum Institute has been augmented by the insights and work of a small group of Faculty Fellows. This term of Fellowship represents the first step in growth towards eventual full-time Faculty, who will teach a range of seminars, language-related courses, participate in reading groups, and more.

These Faculty are selected for their knowledge, insight, experience, and belief in the mission of the Lyceum Institute. In addition to teaching seminars and participating in the communal life of the Institute, Faculty are encouraged to research and publish their thoughts, either through the Institute’s associate, Reality: a Journal for Philosophical Discourse, or through a separate publisher.

Additionally, the Lyceum Institute welcomes varied scholars from a wide range of disciplines to present colloquia concerning any topic presented in a matter which we might investigate philosophically or symposia on some topic pertaining to arts and the aesthetic. See our Opportunities page to learn more.

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