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The habits of intellectual development—though they may be planted through formal courses, lectures, readings, and discussions—are nourished through living conversation in a community. For this reason, the Lyceum Institute weekly hosts a Philosophical Happy Hour, Wednesday evening at 5:45–7:15pm ET. Here (with or without a beverage), we undertake thinking through difficult topics together. Sometimes, these are based on a short reading. Other times, on a current event. Perhaps they are based upon another conversation had within the Lyceum.

But, always, these civil and thoughtful conversations bring us closer to a love of truth. Though informal, and often funny, serious thinking unfolds in these weekly chats. Everyone participating is encouraged to share insights—though, those who wish simply to listen are welcome, too. These Happy Hours are open to the public.

Sample Topics

  1. The doctrine of analogy and semiotics.
  2. Integralism and the political order.
  3. Physical sciences and nature as “mechanical”.
  4. Architecture and the human soul.
  5. The “Great Books”.
  6. The history of philosophy.
  7. The philosophy of history.
  8. Beauty and art: what are they and why do they matter.
  9. Just war theory.
  10. Debate in contrast to dialogue.
  11. The contrast of studiousness and curiosity.
  12. The nature of time and our practical relation to it.
  13. Intellectual property and the ethics of possessing and using digital resources.
  14. Trust and transparency as concepts of politics and community.

And much more! We keep a running list of topics (both past and future) and oftentimes develop from these conversations (and notes taken thereupon) to longer compositions and further discussions.

We also have our own line of suitable drinkware.

Join Us!

Philosophical Happy Hour

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Come join us for drinks (adult or otherwise) and a meaningful conversation. Open to the public! Held every Wednesday from 5:45–7:15pm ET.

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