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Announcing: Trivium 2024

Education in the liberal arts has been neglected in modernity and, when not ignored, derided by the forces of ultramodern thought.  The consequences of this dereliction are evident: even those who wish to know often know less than they would like and cannot express themselves as well as they ought.  Fortunately, we can retrieve the ancient traditions of these arts—rooted in the logical works of Aristotle, studies of Latin and Greek, in the rhetorician’s art taught by Cicero and Quintilian, in discoveries of grammar be they syntactic or semantic—not only as a sequence of distinct studies but as providing a coherent and united doctrine. 

This retrieval, however, is not a mere repetition of antiquity, but a living application of its lessons to our own lives.  Through participating in the genuine inquiries of our Trivium program, students will gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Grammar, discover precision and confidence in the coherence of their thinking through Logic, and hone the perspicuity with which they view language in Rhetoric.  Each of these arts is taught across two distinct courses, with an additional pairing of advanced studies offered to demonstrate their broader importance.

In 2024, we will be teaching the first three courses in the sequence: Grammar I: Foundations, Logic I: Basics of Argumentation, and Rhetoric I: Discovery of Arguments.  (The second sequence will be offered in 2025; dates for advanced courses are TBD).  Access to full participation in the Trivium program—along with Foundations courses in Latin and Greek—is included in every level of enrollment.  Additionally, Columbanus Fellows will take the full two-year sequence, and study Latin and/or Greek for no cost. Additionally, all members receive access to our enormous library of resources (including hundreds of philosophy lectures) and will join a community of like-minded inquirers.

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