The Lyceum Institute’s philosophy seminars, provided four times per year–Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall–offer small groups (8-20 people) the opportunity to engage with a topic, written work, or individual thinker from the history or topics of philosophy under the guidance of a PhD. Seminars are offered in a modular format: that is, Lyceum Institute members choose their own course of study, selecting each seminar individually when offered, with advice from the Director.

All seminars will be conducted through the Lyceum Institute, utilizing Microsoft Teams, where participants are encouraged to engage in regular discussion about the topic, and through which all files (provided readings, lecture recordings, discussion session recordings, notes, etc.) will be distributed.  One may sign up for a seminar without having enrolled in the Lyceum Institute, though the benefits to having done so are considerable.

Each seminar lasts 8 weeks and includes:

  • Reading selections for each week.
  • A persistent collaborative chat client (Microsoft Teams) accessible by PC or phone app (Android and iPhone).
  • Many resources: articles, books, links, etc., to help deepen understanding of the topic.
  • A 20-40 minute lecture recording distributed at the beginning of each week.
  • A 45 minute discussion session where all participants may ask questions, give their interpretations, and collaboratively strive to understand the topic, conducted via Microsoft Teams video-conference, and recorded for anyone who cannot attend.

Lecture recordings are archived and accessible by all Lyceum Institute members one-month after the conclusion of the seminar. Non-members will receive a link to download all the lectures after the conclusion of the seminar. All participants, member and non-member alike, will also receive a course PDF (essentially, a short book) containing revised, expanded, annotated, and polished lecture notes.

There are no assignments due for seminars, but participants are strongly urged to provide contributions, whether in the form of written essays, recorded audio or video presentations, or some alternative discussed with the instructor, which is presented to the group as a whole.


Lyceum Institute seminar costs are structured on a principal of financial subsidiarity. There are three payment levels, with discounts for those who are professors and clergy (whose continuing education is not sufficiently prioritized by their institutions) and for students (who are already taxed excessively by the educational system). However, if you are part of the working world and wish to take a seminar but cannot afford the “standard” rate, it is acceptable to sign up at one of these discounted prices. The idea is: pay what you can. Those who can pay more, should, so that those who cannot pay as much, need not.

Standard priceBasic Lyceum
Advanced Lyceum EnrollmentPremium Lyceum Enrollment
Standard$135 per seminar$87.75 for one seminar per year
$108 after
2 seminars included
$87.75 after
6 seminars included
$81 after
Professor / Clergy$85 per seminar$55.25 for one seminar per year
$68 after
2 seminars included
$55.25 after
6 seminars included
$51 after
Student$60 per seminar$39 for one seminar per year
$48 after
2 seminars included
$39 after
6 seminars included
$36 after



[Kemple] Metaphysics: Discovery of Ens inquantum Ens [Details]
[Kemple] Ethics: Good Life [Details]

[Kemple] Semiotics: John Poinsot [Details]
[Plaza] Politics: Postmodern Culture and Principles [Details]

[Kemple] Semiotics: An Introduction [Details]
[Kemple] Thomistic Psychology: World and Passions [Details]
[Boyer & Wagner] Science: On Being, Language and Reason, and Cause in Aristotle’s Organon [Details]

[Minerd] Thomism, Art, and Artisanship [REGISTER HERE]
[Kanzelberger] Thomistic Psychology: The Meaning of Evil [REGISTER HERE]
[Kemple] Metaphysics: God [REGISTER HERE]

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