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The Lyceum Institute’s philosophy seminars, provided four times per year—Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall—offer small groups (8-20 people) the opportunity to engage with a topic, written work, or individual thinker from the history or topics of philosophy under the guidance of a PhD. Seminars are offered to both enrolled and outside participants in a modular format: that is, Lyceum Institute members choose their own course of study, selecting each seminar individually when offered, with advice from the Executive Director. These seminars range from introductory to advanced studies across a wide range of philosophical topics.

All seminars will be conducted through the Lyceum Institute, utilizing Microsoft Teams, where participants are encouraged to engage in regular discussion about the topic, and through which all files (provided readings, lecture recordings, discussion session recordings, notes, etc.) will be distributed.  One may sign up for a seminar without having enrolled in the Lyceum Institute, though enrollment is encouraged: each new enrollment strengthens our community!

A full list of past seminars—lectures of which are available to all enrolled in the Lyceum Institute—can be found in the archives.

Seminar News

Seminar Structure

  • Offered in four quarters throughout the year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) with schedules varying year-to-year.
  • Wide range of philosophical topics.
  • Curated readings every week.
  • A dedicated Microsoft Teams channel for on-going centralized inquiry and discussion.
  • Many resources—articles, books, links, etc.—to help deepen understanding of the topic.
  • One lecture per week.
  • A live (and recorded) video chat discussion session.

Lecture recordings are archived and accessible by all Lyceum Institute members one-month after the conclusion of the seminar. Non-members will receive a link to download all the lectures after the conclusion of the seminar. All participants, member and non-member alike, will also receive a course PDF (essentially, a short book) containing revised, expanded, annotated, and polished lecture notes.

There are no assignments due for seminars, but participants are strongly urged to provide contributions, whether in the form of written essays, recorded audio or video presentations, or some alternative discussed with the instructor, which is presented to the group as a whole.


Lyceum Institute seminar costs are structured on a principle of financial subsidiarity. There are three payment levels. The Benefactor tier is recommended for those with fulltime employment in well-paying professions and sufficient resources to provide a little more. The Patron tier is recommended for those in professions that do not pay as well as they ought and for whom continued education is especially important (including professors and clergy). The Participant tier is recommended for those who are currently students or with part-time employment. The idea is: pay what you can. Those who can pay more, should, so that those who cannot pay as much, need not.

Standard priceBasic MemberAdvanced MemberPremium Member
Benefactor$200 per seminar$903 seminars included
$90 after
8 seminars included
$90 after
Patron$135 per seminar$653 seminars included
$65 after
8 seminars included
$65 after
Participant$60 per seminar$403 seminars included
$40 after
8 seminars included
$40 after

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